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Cyber-D's Tetris is a free tetris game with some nice visual effects, sounds and highscore list. Sound effects can be disabled. Keyboard controls are simple and can be customized. Highscore position can be seen live while playing.

Publisher Description

Window 10 CompatibleCyber-D's Tetris is a tetris clone with nice visuals, sounds and a local high score list. Make points by turning and moving the falling blocks into full rows. The more blocks you clear at once, the more bonus points you get. Clearing 4 rows at once gives you a 'Tetris' bonus. You can optionally disable the sound effects. The keyboard controls are simple and can also be customized. You can see your current high score position while you are playing, the more points you make the higher you rank in the high scores. Cyber-D's Tetris is free and contains no ads or malware. However, please feel free to donate to the developer if you really like this software.

Download and use it now: Cyber-D's Tetris

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